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Velocity Chaos is the next best thing, for your entertainment, in the podcast world. From the Lu Korvette Studios, Luke and Nick explore a variety of new-age and age-old "what if?" questions. Come along for the ride to destinations unknown, as we craft detailed stories of the dreams we may have had or never imagined!
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Mar 23, 2017

Welcome to the TENTH Episode of the Velocity Chaos Podcast! Nick makes his return via satellite transmission.  Luke and Nick discuss the travels, why Nick hates cats, and why Luke hates protests, unless it's about American Cheese. Come along for the ride and enjoy the fun times.

Sorry for the bad quality on this episode, we had a recorder malfunction at around 27 or 28 minutes in and the file became corrupt. We did our best to preserve the quality with the methods we had available to us.  Any who, first episode where we were recording in separate locations, not so bad.

Also, we tried some things with the intro and outro, let us know what you think!

Songs are free YouTube songs: World Map, and the other is Soul and Mind

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If you have any open-ended lifestyle questions you would like to know the answers to, please email We'll see if we can tackle your question in an upcoming episode!