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Velocity Chaos is the next best thing, for your entertainment, in the podcast world. From the Lu Korvette Studios, Luke and Nick explore a variety of new-age and age-old "what if?" questions. Come along for the ride to destinations unknown, as we craft detailed stories of the dreams we may have had or never imagined!
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Apr 26, 2017

Welcome to the Fifteenth Episode of the Velocity Chaos Podcast! This week Nick and Luke talk about Caterpillars eating plastic, The future of Uber, and then take a listen to their first voicemail! That's right Voicemail! Say what? Also, we are continuing the gift card giveaway this week(details in Episode 14)! Don't fall off the plane, come along for the ride and enjoy the fun times!


That's 1-515-412-4267

Ooo sexy lady. Aussie Lass wearing nice things:


 Easter Song


Songs are free YouTube songs: World Map, and the other is Soul and Mind

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Call 15-15-41-CHAOS and just vent or let us know if you have any questions or comments! You can still send us Emails about anything If you have any open-ended lifestyle questions you would like to know the answers to, please email We'll see if we can tackle your question in an upcoming episode!